Bring Home The Bacon

April 29, 2014

If you’ve ever had any dealings with feral hogs, then you already know that these stocky and hard-nosed critters can be very destructive animals when populations are left unchecked. Excessive rooting and trampling activity for food can inflict major damage to natural habitat. Hogs also carry a variety of diseases and compete directly with livestock and other wildlife species for food. In fact, a large group of hogs are fully capable of wiping out both natural and agricultural food sources within a short period of time.  Read More

How To Process Your Own Deer

April 28, 2014

For a considerable number of hunters, the hunt is about more than just the excitement and the exhilaration of bagging an impressive whitetail; it’s about the meat.  Hunters like to eat what they kill.  But not every hunter will take on the task of processing his or her own deer, often because he or she believes it’s an impossible task, requiring a lot of expertise and expensive equipment.   Read More

Broadhead Selection

April 23, 2014

When selecting the perfect broadhead for your hunt, marketing jargon and technical data can leave you scratching your head, but a few basic facts can help take the mystery out of your broadhead selection. First, understand there are two main types of broadheads -- fixed-blade and mechanical. Read More

Costly Mistakes = Bad Tasting Venison

March 5, 2014

Avoid these commonly made errors this season and everyone at the dinner table will be asking for a second plate of your venison. Poorly Placed Shots – can lead to blood, stomach content and entrails tainting large portions of the meat. Hunters may also be forced to back out and leave the deer overnight to prevent pushing and possibly losing it, which is why accurate and lethal shots are so crucial. Read More

Post Taxidermy Tips

March 5, 2014

Follow these steps to keep your trophy animal looking as good as the day you hung it on the wall! Step 1: Handle With Care Always hold and carry the mount with your hands placed directly under the chin and on the plaque or back of the mount (Avoid carrying by antlers alone). Read More

Early Season Deer Secrets from the Experts

December 10, 2013

Now that fall is upon us, deer seasons are opening in some parts of the United States. We polled some of the nation’s top experts and go their ideas on what they do for early season success. Read on and maybe you can put venison in your freezer earlier. Read More

Pre Taxidermy Tips For A Great Trophy

November 12, 2013

The following precautionary steps will help you get your trophy from the field to the wall in perfectly mint condition. Step 1: Don’t go old school and cut your trophy buck’s throat after the shot to let it “bleed out,” because this move can potentially ruin your mount. A non-beating heart is not pumping any blood, which means the animal has already bled out. Read More

Move Through The Woods Undetected

November 4, 2013

Utilize these stealthy tactics to blend-in, disappear and pass through your hunting area like a shadowy ghost. In order to consistently punch tags season after season, you have to learn how to utilize your terrain, surroundings and woodsmanship skills to become virtually invisible. The ability to stay under a whitetail’s finely tuned and ultra-sensitive radar will ultimately lead to more close encounters and success in the field. Read More

Scent Management Tips

October 18, 2013

Finding ways to slip past a skittish and paranoid buck’s nose can be extremely tough. A keen sense of smell is undoubtedly his main line of defense and you can bet the farm that he knows how to use it to his advantage. This is exactly why you have to hit the woods with a proven scent-management plan that can help keep you safely out-of-reach of his sensitive nose. The following tips and tactics will allow you to smell invisible and go undetected this season. Read More

Deer Pack Essentials

October 7, 2013

When going head-to-head with whitetails, you better make sure you’ve packed the right gear and equipment. Here is a complete checklist of the items you’ll need this season. Read More

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