From scent dispensers and scent warmers to drag systems and face paint, Code Blue deceives trophy game with scent accessories that make you undetectable and your hunting grounds irresistible.

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Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator

Know wind direction to avoid spooking game. Our Smoke Detector provides the accuracy of a smoke cloud.


Deluxe Scent Drag

Spread deer attractant quickly and effectively with the super-absorbent Deluxe Scent Drag.


Code Blue Expandable Wicks

Code Blue’s Expandable Wick instantly enlarges by 4 times its regular size once dipped into scent. The enlarged wick holds more scent and allows additional


Face Paint - Black

The Code Blue Face Paint comes in black, and can be applied smoothly and easily blends in to your surroundings. Ideal for every hunt.



Whitetail Double Drag System

This Double Drag System allows you to use your deer scent strategically for even greater impact.


Whitetail Doe Estrous Drag System

Bucks will think they're trailing a hot doe when they walk straight to your hunting stand. This system makes your deer scent trail irresistible.


Whitetail Doe Urine Scent Drag System

Doe urine is a deer season necessity and the Whitetail Doe Urine Drag System is the best way to deliver this effective scent.


Code Blue Stealth Dust

The secret to Stealth Dust is the minerals its sock applicator releases as a fine powder onto a hunter’s clothes. The dust created absorbs odor.


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