Deluxe Scent Drag

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  • Just add your favorite deer attractant clip on the drag and walk to your deer hunting stand. The Deluxe Scent Drag makes it easy to lay down a potent scent trail that deer will readily follow.
  • Heavy duty detachable clip allows you to attach the scent drag to your belt for hands-free use.
  • Rugged Design and sturdy construction means your Deluxe Scent Drag can hold up in any rough terrain.


Lay down a trail to lure in that trophy buck! The Deluxe Scent Drag is super absorbent and allows for longer lasting scent. Depending on which stage of the season you’re in, simply pour your Code Blue® urine of choice onto the orange tentacles of the drag. The paracord extends to minimize mess while you’re walking, and the clip can be attached to your belt or around your boots or other gear for hands-free use. Once done walking, hang the drag on a branch near your hunting stand for even more effectiveness.


  • Single drag (4+ ft. long) with paracord and end clip

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