Making a Mock Scrape with Brantley Gilbert

Join Matt Wade of Code Blue and country music star Brantley Gilbert as they create a new mock scrape on Gilbert's farm early on in the Georgia deer season. Products used include Code Blue's Grave Digger® Scrape Mate® and Rope-A-Dope®.

Code Blue Calming Zone Relaxing Scent | Product Overview

Garrett Boelkes with Last Breath TV demonstrates how to use Code Blue's Calming Zone Relaxing Scent. Calming Zone is the easy-to-use, wax-based product you apply to trees, bushes, and around your tree stand to mimic the relaxing effect created by the smell of a deer bedding area.

How to Use Doe Estrous Gel

Nick and T-Bone explain the benefits of Doe Estrous Gel by Code Blue. The gel consistency keeps the product from freezing and makes application a breeze. The product should be timed like regular Doe Estrous - during the rut.

Stealth Dust

Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than getting busted by a deer. Playing the wind is always important, but so is taking the precautions to eliminate odor. Code Blue has pioneered scent elimination technology with proven products like D/Code. Add to that list the reintroduction of Stealth Dust. The secret to Stealth Dust is the minerals its sock applicator releases as a fine powder onto a hunter’s clothes. The dust created absorbs odor. Since the ingredients aren’t a liquid, clothing stays dry with application and there’s no concern about the product freezing. Stealth Dust is easily packable and has been specially formulated with the needs of deer, elk, hog, bear, and moose hunters in mind.

Grave Digger Scrape Mate

Scrapes are one of the greatest ways to ensure bucks revisit a spot day after day, but the challenge is keeping the scrape fresh for a long period of time. Grave Digger with TRS (Time Released Scent) is a patented process that uses high-quality soil impregnated with buck urine collected from an individual buck. Pour it into a scrape, or mock scrape then cover it up. Grave Digger blends with the soil attracting bucks and allowing them to work the dirt freely and naturally. Moisture forces the scent to the surface keeping the scrape active for 30 days. Rain actually makes it stronger. Use Grave Digger Scrape Mate all season.

Grave Digger Doe Estrous

Doe estrous fuels deer season. It’s the reason for the rut. Use it to your advantage, shake Grave Digger Doe Estrous onto scrapes for a powerful message bucks can’t miss. Every bottle of Grave Digger Doe Estrous contains soil impregnated with Code Blue’s unique From One Deer to One Bottle® doe estrous formula. Treat a scrape, or mock scrape for up to 30 days of time-release buck enticement. Grave Digger Doe Estrous stays effective in freezing temps and is ATA certified.

Foaming Estrous Urine

Doe estrous is essential when you’re hunting bucks during the rut. Code Blue has found a way to make it even more indispensable. By converting doe estrous into a foam product, we’ve increased the scent’s surface area to eight times the volume of liquid. The result is greater scent dispersal and long-reaching effectiveness. Our Foaming Estrous Urine doesn’t run off where it’s applied, instead it clings. No-mess spray nozzle allows easy application to limbs, tree trunks, brush, wherever.

Foaming Buck Urine

We’ve turned our Buck Urine into a foam for greater scent dispersal and long-reaching effectiveness. Foaming Buck Urine doesn’t run off where it’s applied, instead it clings. No-mess spray nozzle allows easy application to limbs, tree trunks, brush, wherever.

When to Use Buck Urine

Bone Collector's Michael Waddell instructs hunters on the best applications/ timing of buck urine. Perhaps its greatest benefit is versatility. Buck urine can be used during pre-, peak- and post-rut activity. And with Code Blue, you're guaranteed the scent of one buck per bottle. This creates a more realistic sense of one deer in the area. If there's one lure to take into the woods this season, make sure it's Code Blue Buck Urine.

Best Ways to Use Doe Estrous

Bone Collector's Michael Waddell talks about his favorite ways to use Code Blue Doe Estrous. From drag rags to scrapes, Michael recommends liberal application of Doe Estrous to get bucks' attention.

How to Apply Screaming Heat

Bone Collector's Michael Waddell discusses Screamin' Heat - a powerful combination of doe estrous and female secretions that bucks cannot resist. Waddell recommends using it over a scrape to pique the interests of nearby bucks. Often, the bucks will come by multiple times to see if the "mystery doe" has returned, thereby increases your chances for a harvest.

Scent Free is Key

one Collector's Nick Muntz and T-Bone Turner discuss the importance of eliminating human scent in an effort to squeeze the most out of your Code Blue products. It's well-documented that deer have a powerful sense of smell. If a human odor is in the area, deer are less likely to check out that potent Code Blue Buck Urine or Doe Estrous. Products like D/Code Scent Eliminators are recommended to keep your scent to a minimum, and your hunting yields to the max.

How To Use Doe Estrous

Nick and T-Bone from Bone Collector share their favorite applications of Code Blue Doe Estrous. Timing and tactics can make the difference in a successful hunt. Code Blue premium Doe Estrous is collected from one deer to one bottle, ensuring pureness and potency. This unique collection process mimics the natural smell of one doe, unlike other brands blending multiple deer scents into each product.

When and How to Use Deer Scents

Michael Waddell explains in-depth the benefits of using Code Blue deer scents. Often times a combination of the products creates the most desirable effect. As with all Code Blue products, potency is guaranteed, but the timing of the application is just as important as the product itself.

When to use Screamin' Heat

Nick and T-Bone explain in-depth when during the hunting season to use Screamin' Heat or other Doe Estrous products. Code Blue is the leader in deer scents, and few pack more punch than Screamin' Heat's combination of Doe Estrous and natural female secretions collected during the estrous cycle.

How to Use Code Blue Tarsal Gland

Nick and T-Bone explains how to use Tarsal Gland by Code Blue. This sometimes misunderstood product is used to simulate an intruding buck. Characterized by a musky odor, a tarsal gland can be used multiple time over the course of a season for maximum value.