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Doe Estrous Drag System

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  • Rugged well-designed scent dispenser used with the most effective deer scent on the market
  • Perfect for use during the rut
  • 1 fl. oz.


Bucks will think they're trailing a hot doe when they walk straight to your hunting stand. This system makes your deer scent trail irresistible.

The perfect pair. Code Blue's™ Whitetail Doe Estrous, collected under a certified and numbered process, with the rugged, highly absorbent scent drag system. Don't settle for the rest, get the only "one of a kind" deer drag in the industry. Perfect for use during the rut.


  • Doe estrous and a rugged highly absorbent drag
  • Perfect for use during the rut
  • Seasonal Use:  Mid, Late
  • 1 fl. oz.
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