There are a variety of techniques that can be utilized to hunt hogs and manage overall numbers. However, it’s important to note that feral hogs are very intelligent and sometimes hard to handle, especially if they have been exposed to periods of intense hunting pressure. These hog hunting tips have proven to be deadly.

Utilize game cameras and tree stand placement. 
Deer hunting tactics, such as strategically positioning a tree stand over high-traffic areas and food sources can be very productive. Your game-cam surveillance should tell you what locations are red-hot and when to hunt a particular setup.

Bait when you can. 
In states where legal, creating bait-stations or hanging a timed feeder will really crank up the action. With a timed feeder, you can actually dictate key feeding periods, which enables you to be in the right stand at the right time.

Spot and stalk. 
In addition, spot and stalk techniques are also lethal, and this technique adds a new level of excitement to the hunt. Glassing food source and high-traffic areas from a safe distance and using the terrain to move in close on unsuspecting hogs can be very challenging.

Night vision and thermal optics. 
In states where legal, hunting hogs with night vision or thermal scopes at night can definitely generate some action-packed hunts. The trick is to target current food sources and open feeding areas that hogs generally visit after dark. Hogs are very active at night and this can be one of the best times to target them. Just make sure you understand and follow all hunting laws, rules and regulations.

Use dogs. 
If you really want to turn things up a notch or two, then try going with someone who owns several well-trained dogs. Listening and watching the dogs work is special and unique in itself. Once the dogs have a hog locked down, you basically get front-row seats to a show that will kick your adrenalin into maximum overdrive. Witnessing just one of these ultimate showdowns firsthand will get in your blood and make you want to see it again and again.

Choose the right weapon. 
When hunting feral hogs, it’s important to note that these critters have super thick skin, which serves as a protective layer of heavy-duty armor. This means you really need to hunt with a cartridge that shoots above 2,000 fps to ensure you can drop a large boar. The closer you can get for a shot on a hog, especially a big boar, the better. Handguns, muzzle-loaders and bows are also fun to use during any type of hog hunt.

Learn from experience. 
Another good piece of advice is to try going with an experienced hog hunter and pay close attention to their hunting tactics and techniques. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most effective ways to master the art of hog hunting within a short period of time.

Regardless of what strategy you prefer, hog hunting can be very addictive and challenging. Plus, it gives you something to do during the off-season, and allows you to help manage expanding populations. If an opportunity presents itself, be sure to give one or all of these deadly hunting strategies a try this season and bring home the bacon.