5 Tips to Stay Scent Free While Hanging Stands & Cameras

Not all scent elimination products are the same. D/Code by Code Blue is proven to eliminate human odor, outperforming other popular brands. Follow these simple steps to make the most of the D/Code scent elimination advantage.

1. Wash the clothes you plan to wear into the woods with D/Code Laundry Detergentor other scent-free detergents.

2. Shower before heading into the woods and use D/Code Body Wash or other scent-eliminating soap, and use scent-free deodorant. We recommend using the D/Code Antiperspirant Stick to fight sweat, especially in the warm summer months.

3. Wait to put on the clothes you plan to wear into the woods as close to the time you will be entering the woods as possible. Although it is not as important as it would be in a hunting situation, it is still a good practice to use.

4. Wear the same boots that you hunt in, and spray them down with D/Code Field Spray or some type of scent-elimination spray. This lessens your human intrusion foot print.

5. Wipe your hands with D/Code Field Wipes or other odor-eliminating wipes and then wear latex or nitrile gloves to keep from contaminating your cameras and tree stands any more than they already are. Once cameras and stands are set and ready to go, spray each with D/Code Field Spray or some type of scent elimination spray, and wipe them down with the field wipes.
*Be sure to pick up all trash and other human elements before leaving the woods.