Tips for Summertime Coyote Hunting

As always follow the basics: Play the wind, scent control and good vantage.

Summertime coyote hunting is much different than winter hunting for several obvious reasons. These tips from the guys at JAGG Outdoors will help you kill more coyotes this summer.


Summertime foliage has much brighter and vibrant colors of green. It is no secret that a coyotes sense of sight, hearing, and smell are well developed. Do your best to pick a pattern that blends the best with your surroundings and conditions. Also, keep in mind that your deer woods camo, in most cases, is going to be much warmer then you will need. Turkey hunting gear is a good option. Dress lightly to help minimize sweating and creating an abundance of unwanted odor. Be sure to take the same scent elimination precautions that you would while chasing mature whitetails.


With most dens having young pups, there will typically be a mature coyote close by. Utilize Howlin’ Heat Coyote Attractant to attract other coyotes that may be in the area. On that same note, a pup distress call is one of the best calls to use during this time. Mature female coyotes will instinctively respond to this call. The best time to hunt coyotes in the summer months is in the early morning before it gets too hot. The female will sneak away from the den to find a quick meal and that is when a pup distress and Howlin’ Heat will work great.


New fawns are being born from mid May/late June and these newborn fawns make for easy prey. Most coyotes respond well to fawn distress calls, or fawn bleats, paired with a realistic decoy. Hunting coyotes is a great way to increase the survival rate of the fawns in your area; therefore, another great tactic is using a fawn decoy to decrease the coyote survival rate.


Due to summer vegetation your ability to see coyotes is drastically reduced. Field of vision is lower due to thicker foliage, thickening crop fields, and meadow grasses reaching peak heights. As a result, higher vantage points become your best friend. If possible, sit up along side a fencerow just off taller grass. While utilizing your favorite predator distress calling sequence, a curious coyote could come out in the field to check everything out. You will be able to see a sneaking coyote through the tall grass with a higher vantage point.

The hot months of June, July, and August are great for summer scouting of whitetails in preparation for deer season, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to take out some unwanted predators. Get out and utilize these warm season coyote hunting tips this summer.


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