Eliminate Your Scent This Season

Every hunter experiences that gripping moment when the buck they have been scouting all season shows himself. His nose glued to the brush beneath him, sniffing for a mate, ears perked up on high alert. Your heart begins to race, and the adrenaline starts pumping. You hold steady, bow drawn, anticipating his next move. Suddenly, his head rises in alert, and his nostrils flare vigorously. Before you know it, he puffs out a loud blow and dashes off. Did he see you? No, he smelled you 

Thanks to noses that contain up to 297 million olfactory receptors, a deer's sense of smell is its strongest guide to its surroundings, more powerful than their hearing and vision combined. Making your scent unknown to whitetail is vital in determining if you make the kill, and sometimes it may seem impossible to rid yourself of your natural smell. Luckily, our engineers have developed products that easily fit your routine, making it simple to cover your tracks this season. 

Gather Your Gear

Eliminating your scent trail in the woods starts with your gear. No matter how hard you work to rid your body of its natural odor, all is wasted if your clothes still reek of regular detergents and human scent. Our D/CODE® Unscented Laundry Detergent gets the job done! Designed with our patented formula of medical grade nanosilver to remove scents, stains, and sweat, the molecules work to eliminate existing odors while preventing future odor growth. It also contains UV inhibitors to prevent camo from fading over time. Take it one step further by pairing it with D/CODE Dryer Sheets to keep clothes soft, scent-free, and quiet for your next hunting adventure. For proper storage, we recommend using air-tight compression bags or storage containers to prevent possible scent contamination before the hunt.  

Bye Bye Body Odor

Think you have your body odor under control? Think again. While you may smell like fresh clean linen, all a Whitetail will smell is a threat. Swap out your daily routine of using smelly 3-in-1 body wash for scent-free option like our D/CODE Body Wash & Shampoo or Bar Soap, designed to deliver thorough cleansing and scent suppression while staying gentle on the skin for everyday use. Don’t forget to make a "pit” stop and opt for our Antiperspirant Stick to keep dry and protected from scent all day long!   

Hit The Road

The time has come to hit the woods, and you don’t want all your preparation to go to waste. Wearing your gear in on the ride over has the potential to pick up scents from air fresheners, food, and even lingering odorof cologne or perfume. We suggest suiting up right before you hit the trail. Travel in a base layer and then change outside for the best results. Seal it off with our D/CODE Field Spray to lock in protection and knock out unwanted odor. 

Slow and Steady

Once you start for the stand, remember to be slow and thorough. Rushing your way through the woods increases the risk of perspiration and spooking any nearby deer. Keep a careful pace and ensure you stay vigilant. Once you have settled into your stand, wipe it down with our Field Wipes. These also come in handy for wiping away any sweat that may have accumulated on your way up. Feel free to freshen up throughout your sit, especially in the warmer months of the season.