D/Code Body Wash and Shampoo

The all-natural formula employs medical-grade nanosilver particles to wipe out odor and mask your natural scent, so you can track game with confidence.

■ Boasting medical-grade silver nanoparticles, the patented formula destroys and inhibits the growth of odor to hide your presence in the field.
■ A University study found D/Code to be effective in eradicating existing order and preventing new order from growing, so your scent will remain camouflaged.
■ The body wash and shampoo has been carefully crafted to deliver a thorough cleansing for head-to-toe scent suppression, while staying gentle for everyday use.
■ With the addition of aloe, your skin will feel soft and moisturized long after the sun rises on your hunting excursion.
■ D/Code unscented body wash and shampoo is produced without chemicals, for a natural fit out in the woods.

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