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New Products

EliminX Odor Eliminator Body Wash

Kill bacteria and foreign odors with Code Blue's Odor Eliminator Body Wash. Made with Silver-Zyme Technology to be used before and after every hunt.


Grave Digger

Scent soil, Code Blue's Grave Digger will hold its scent for 30 days, even through moisture and freezing.


Face Paint - Black

The Code Blue Face Paint comes in black, and can be applied smoothly and easily blends in to your surroundings. Ideal for every hunt.


Best Sellers

Bear Magnet

Code Blue Bear Magnet comes in three tasty flavors, Blueberry, Raspberry Jelly Donut, and Savory Bacon. Which draw the bears to your bait and keeps


Platinum Standing Estrous

Tested to be 63% more effective on a buck's response, Platinum Standing Estrous, is the next generation of estrous.


Bear Magnet

Code Blue Bear MagnetTM helps you attract bears and greatly improves your chances of taking down a bear on your hunt.


Top Rated

Whitetail Doe Estrous

Grab the attention of the big bucks with Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous.


Whitetail Buck Urine

Code Blue's Buck Urine is the superior choice in deer attractants.


Whitetail Double Drag System

This Double Drag System allows you to use your deer scent strategically for even greater impact.

Scent And Call Secrets For Big Bucks

Scent And Call Secrets For Big Bucks

The Science of Scent

The Science of Scent

Summer Scent Control

Summer Scent Control

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The innovation behind Code Blue is the smartest in the industry. We invented One Deer to One Bottle technology. Then we took it a step further with our Standing Estrous product line—it’s labor intensive to produce, but it’s also the most realistic way to duplicate doe estrous. We’ve applied molecular science to scent elimination. The result is EliminX with Silver-Zyme™ technology—a formula three times stronger.