Early Deer Season Scent Control Tips

Why is scent control in early season hunting any different from other times of the year? Simply put, most of the early season hunting is done during warmer weather conditions, which makes odor and scent much tougher to control than in cooler temps.

While showering with scent-eliminating body wash and washing your clothes with scent-eliminating detergent should always be the first step, keeping yourself as scent-free as possible after reaching your stand takes a little extra effort. A few precautions should be taken to lessen your chances of being busted.

      • Keep all of your scent-free garments in a scent-free container, along with your boots, until right before you take off to the woods.
      • Always dress in your hunting clothes at the truck prior to heading to the stand.
      • Always carry scent-eliminating field wipes. After reaching the stand, wipe down areas that sweat such as armpits, face, head, and neck—really anywhere that you have sweated.
      • If you wear a cap, leave it off during the walk in if possible. This will reduce head sweat. Keep in mind that wearing your hunter’s orange while traveling through the woods is a must while hunting public land or any other property where other hunters may be present, especially during gun season.
      • Carry a small bottle of scent eliminating field spray in your pack and reapply to your clothes once you reach your stand.

    • Apply Code Blue Calming Zone to your boots prior to heading to the stand, then apply to trees around your stand, as well as the base of your stand.
    • You can also apply Calming Zone to your pants leg. Often this little trick will allow you to pass the smell test even if the thermals aren’t favorable.
  • Smoke Cover Scent is also a good measure to add to the cover scent process.

Early season can be one of the best times to catch a mature buck in a very predictable pattern. However, due to typically warm temperatures, extra attention to detail with scent control is a must. Follow these tips to put yourself in the best hunting situation possible.