Improve your chances on the hunt with attractants, scent management, hunting scents and accessories from Code Blue. With our extensive line of scented soils, hog and, bear attractants, and more, you can attract game naturally and effectively. Unlike other hunting scent manufacturers, Code Blue uses the scent of only one animal in each bottle for true-to-life effectiveness. Get the latest hunting scent recommendations, stop by our trophy room, find a Code Blue dealer or contact us.

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Bear Magnet

Code Blue Bear MagnetTM helps you attract bears and greatly improves your chances of taking down a bear on your hunt.


Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator

Know wind direction to avoid spooking game. Our Smoke Detector provides the accuracy of a smoke cloud.


Face Paint - Black

The Code Blue Face Paint comes in black, and can be applied smoothly and easily blends in to your surroundings. Ideal for every hunt.


Platinum Standing Estrous

Tested to be 63% more effective on a buck's response, Platinum Standing Estrous, is the next generation of estrous.


Whitetail Doe Urine

Use Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine throughout deer hunting season to lure trophy bucks into range for a clear shot.


Bear Magnet Power Start Drip Bag

Bears will often pass up food for the scent of fresh beaver castor. Contains field-tested aromas infused with real beaver castor.


Bear Magnet Powder Drip Bag

Code Blue Bear MagnetTM Powder Drip Bag takes big game hunting to a whole new level by bringing bears in close.


Rack Rub Gel

Code Blue Rack Rub Gel is used to create a scent marker on licking branches to continue attracting bucks all season long.


Whitetail Synthetic Doe Estrous

For whitetail bucks on a mission Code Blue has created the perfect blend of nature and science with Code Blue Synthetic Doe Estrous.


Screamin' Heat Enhanced Estrous

Screamin' Heat is made of pure estrous specially enhanced to produce an ultra hot estrous attractant, that will keep the buck coming.


Fox Urine Cover Scent

Code Blue Fox urine is one of the best cover scents because it actually works as a fear reducer for deer


Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel

For whitetail bucks on a mission Code Blue has created the perfect blend of nature and science with a Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel.


Swine Wine 32 oz.

Nothing brings pigs to your hunting party better than Code Blue's Swine Wine.


EliminX 360 with SZT - Earth Scent

EliminX 360 covers you head to toe with the hybrid scent elimination technology of Silver-ZymeTM.


Synthetic Doe Scent

As an all-season deer scent Code Blue's Synthetic Doe Scent works naturally to stimulate a calm and curious reaction.


Synthetic Buck Gel

Our Advanced Formulation Synthetic Buck Gel will stay fresh, resulting in strong scent trails and mock scrapes.


Howlin' Heat Coyote Attractant

Howlin' Heat coyote attractant from Code Blue turns the predator into prey.


Code Red Buck Urine

Code Blue's Code Red buck scent is guaranteed to drive dominant bucks crazy by convincing them there are other males encroaching on their territory.


Code Blue Scent Shot Scent Wick Canister

Code Blue Scent Shot Scent Wick Canister has an unique ring that seals out air and locks in the scent's freshness. Just squeeze the top


Corn Cocktail

Packed with ingredients hogs love, Corn Cocktail is highly effective at attracting feral swine.


Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous

Code Blue Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous creates an effective way to draw in the big bucks.


EliminX Field Wipes

Code Blue EliminX Field Wipes are an easy and convenient way to destroy human odor on contact and refresh skin while out in the field.


EliminX Xtreme with SZT Odor Eliminator

The no-freeze formulation protects you from head to toe, combining nano-silver and enzyme technology to eliminate bacteria and foreign odors.


Whitetail Tarsal Gland

When only big bucks will do use Code Blue Whitetail Tarsal Gland for a deer attractant that brings in the big boys.


Whitetail Doe Estrous

Grab the attention of the big bucks with Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous.


Whitetail Buck Urine

Code Blue's Buck Urine is the superior choice in deer attractants.


Boar Urine

Boar Urine from Code Blue will convince the boars in your hunting area that other boars are encroaching on their land.


Smoke Detector with Lanyard

You have to know the wind direction to avoid spooking game and a smoke Detector provides perfect wind readings every time.


Apple Swig Whitetail Attractant

Apple Swig attracts large numbers of deer and keeps them coming back. Premium ingredients and ripe-apple flavoring make it deadly.


Corn Craze Whitetail Attractant

Jam-packed with intense aromas and ingredients, Corn Craze is blended to attract whitetails and establish repeat visits.


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