Synthetic Pre-Orbital Gland Stick

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  • Synthetic formula created to mimic a buck’s pre-orbital gland scent
  • Stimulates rub activity on licking branches
  • Effective throughout the season
  • Wax stick formula is long-lasting, mess-free, and easy to apply
  • Legal to use where real urine products are not *always check local regulations


The Synthetic Pre-Orbital Gland Stick is an easy way to lure in bucks and kickstart rub activity near your hunting sites. Licking branches are year-round communication posts for bucks that establish the pecking order for a specific location; this is where bucks will rub their pre-orbital gland, located near the eye, onto licking branches to leave their own scent and assert dominance.

Use early in the season as a curiosity scent and mid-to-late season as a territorial-infringement scent. Simply remove the cap, twist up your desired amount of scent, and rub onto a branch over an existing scrape or mock scrape. When you’re done, screw the cap back on for easy, mess-free storage.


  • Synthetic
  • Wax formula
  • 2.6 oz. stick
  • Seasonal use: Early, mid, late

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