Grave Digger® Scrape Mate®

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  • Soil impregnated with Scrape Mate®, which is made with urine from a single buck and intensified with tarsal gland scent
  • Shake onto scrapes and mock scrapes for a powerful, long-lasting scent
  • Works as a curiosity scent in early or late season and infringement scent during peak rut
  • TRS® (Time Release Scent) remains active for up to 30 days after application
  • Urine collected using the From One Deer to One Bottle® process, guaranteeing each bottle contains urine from only one deer


Scrapes are one of the best ways to ensure bucks revisit a spot, and Grave Digger® soils help keep those scrapes fresh for extended periods of time by blending with existing soil. Moisture helps to reactivate the scent, forcing it to the surface, and Grave Digger remains effective even in freezing conditions.

To use, take the heel of your boot and dig a small hole in the middle of your desired scrape, then pour about three quarters of the bottle into the hole and pack that firmly with your boot. Next, pour the remaining soil from the bottle on top so that an immediate odor can be emitted.




The proprietary From One Deer to One Bottle® collection process is a breakthrough technique that certifies each bottle of real Code Blue urine comes from a single deer rather than several, which produces the purest, most potent scents. These bottles are labeled with the corresponding deer’s unique registration number.


Code Blue is a proud member of the Responsible Hunting Scent Association’s Deer Protection Program (RHSA DPP) and fully committed to taking proactive steps to limit the potential of contributing to the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). For more information about the program, visit


RT-QuIC testing is a next-generation amplification test for CWD that is over 10,000-fold more sensitive than traditional CWD testing. All Code Blue and Code Red deer urine products undergo RT-QuIC testing to ensure there are no detectable levels of CWD so that urine-based products remain safe for wild deer and game populations. Learn more at


  • Soil formula impregnated with Scrape Mate
  • 12 oz. bottle
  • Seasonal Use:  Early, Mid, Late

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