Urge Moose Attractant

Urge Moose Attractant


The whole purpose of a moose attractant is to lure the moose to your area and keep them around until you’re ready. One that works halfway isn't going to cut it.

You want a powerful attractant that will last, won’t wash away in the rain and will keep the moose coming back for more – thinking he’s going to protect his territory from other moose.

Urge’s blend stimulates the senses

That’s where Code Blue’s Urge Moose Attractant comes in. It’s a powerful blend that combines smells and tastes that make him want to explore. Once the moose discovers Urge’s taste, it creates a nearly insatiable desire for more.

Urge’s aroma reels the moose in, the taste keeps them there. The more they crave the taste, the more the moose will come back. In fact, their reaction can be so strong to the Urge attractant, you’ll swear they were rutting. (And you’d better be prepared for huge wallows and antler rubs on trees and shrubs in your area.)

Creates hot zones of your choosing

But if you’re hunting moose, you want an attractant that will keep them around all year long and you want them at their competitive best. You want to create a hot zone for the most activity. You want Urge.
The pre rutting period changes the way a moose acts and reacts; he leaves the bachelor pack and goes out on his own to mate. The moose’s antlers lose the velvet and become as hard as bone. They begin to assert dominance through scrapes and scents before they rut. You can’t control their behavior, but you can keep them nearby and modify some of their patterns.

Works on bull and cow moose

Urge attractant is scientifically blended to stimulate responses from both bulls and cow moose. The two most powerful senses moose have are smell and taste. Urge stimulates both and Urge gives them an appetite to want more.
The best way to use Urge to attract moose is through the food chain – be it grasses, bushes or grains such as corn. The more they eat, the more they want. When they find the taste and aroma isn’t the same without it, they’ll be back. Where they eat, you’ll want to use Urge Moose Attractant.

Use a gentle spray or pour liberally

You can pour or spray Urge on the ground, but keep in mind the more you put down, the more the moose will dig – often resulting in huge wallows. Putting it around and on stumps and trees will also create hot spots for them to come back time and time again. Make sure not to get this powerful attractant on your skin, clothes or boots.

Urge helps the hunter attract and hold the moose, stimulate their appetite so they come back for more and makes them want to protect their new-found turf. It's the best moose attractant you can find – because it works when and how you want.

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