How to Use Scent Drags During the Rut

scent drag

Using deer scents during the rut can be exciting and very effective, however using a few smart techniques will make it that much more effective. Using a scent drag with sent is by far the most effective way during the rut to attract deer. I like to use a double drag with doe estrous or Screaming Heat on one drag and buck urine on the other drag. This paints the picture of a buck with a hot doe — better yet a stranger buck with a hot doe.

Start your drag in to your set at least 100 yards out from your stand, freshening the drags within 50 yards of you stand. You do this so that the strongest scent will be close to your location, which will help keep a trailing buck interest. Also take your drag on the cross-wind side in case a roaming buck crosses the scent trail. I like to hang the drags up close to my stand after refreshing, too. This will aid in attraction and help with covering any human scent that might have been left behind.

Remember to wear rubber or latex gloves and very clean boots, so not to introduce human odors. I also spray down liberally with D/CODE Scent Eliminating Spray to be as scent free as possible. Human scent can be a deterrent instead of an attractant.

Another technique I use is to go extremely early in the morning allowing an hour of extra time and laying several drag lines of scent in several different directions. Refresh each time you approach your set, this allows bucks traveling in many directions to cross your trapline and follow to the freshest scent to your stand.

Keep in mind when doing any of this that you can’t be walking through where deer will be feeding in the pre-dawn hours. This needs to be in cover and funnels where deer will be traveling as they make their way back to bed and travel between bedding to check for hot does.

Trying new tactics is not only fun but can spell the difference between success and going home empty handed. Give that rutting buck a reason to cruise by your stand this season!