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Code Red Doe Estrous Drag Combo

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  • Doe Estrous with single drag
  • Effective all season long
  • Guaranteed freshness for superior performance
  • No flavorings or food byproducts in our doe estrous - Code Red™ doe estrous provides the freshest, purest most effective doe estrous on the market.
  • Estrous proves to be more effective than just using the urine of a doe.
  • 2 oz. bottle for long-lasting use


For fresh quality doe scent with a single drag at an affordable price, look to Code Red™ Doe Estrous Drag Combo. This quality doe scent is not only priced lower than competitive national brands, it's also collected and blended fresh from the doe and combined with a single drag. With more scent for your money, you can actually put your scent to good use instead of storing it in your pack with the lid on tight.


  • Includes a rugged, highly absorbent drag
  • 100% pure doe estrous urine
  • Perfect for late-season use on a drag
  • Seasonal Use:  Mid, Late
  • 2 oz. bottle for long-lasting use
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