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How to Scout for Wild Hogs

With wild hogs now living in 38 states, chances are there’s a sounder of pigs near you. If you think you have wild hogs on your hunting land or you plan to scout public land for them, look for these 6 signs to pinpoint pigs.

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Scent Drag in Grass

How to Use Scent Drags During the Rut

While a buck uses his nose to detect danger for the majority of the year, during the rut he’s using it to locate estrous does for breeding. Turn a buck’s nose against him by using a scent drag.

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Code Blue Doe Estrous and Scrape Mate

How To Make A Mock Scrape

Whether for trail camera images or to place a buck right in your shooting lane, a mock scrape is an effective tool for hunters. Here’s how to make one that works.

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