Best Scent-Free Storage Option

It’s safe to say that Michael Waddell does a lot of traveling during the year while hunting across North America. Many hunters know the struggle of not only packing your hunting clothes, but keeping them scent free, too. Fortunately, D/CODE has come out with a super simple, yet highly effective scent-free storage option.

The D/CODE Compression Bags come in an economical 4 pack and each bag measures a large 20”x28”. The best feature on these compression bags is its integrated one-way valve system. Simply fill the bag with hunting clothes, seal the double zipper, then handroll the air out of the bag. There’s no vacuum needed, so you never have to worry about compressing your bags for travel. Not only will the compression bags keep your clothing scent free and airtight, but they save tremendously on space whether storing or traveling. You can now fit all your bulky hunting clothes into one bag and cut down on extra baggage fees. Another benefit about the bags, is that they allow you to organize your hunting clothes for easy access.

Check out this quick video and see how Michael Waddell likes to use the D/CODE Compression bags!


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