How To Make A Mock Scrape

I used to think that scrapes were created by bucks for rutting purposes. However, through whitetail studies and observations it seems that scrapes are used more as communication posts typically made by bucks and used by most or all of the deer in an area. Bucks will start making scrapes right around the time they shed their velvet antlers, but you can start making your mock scrapes just before that.

A mock scrape is simply a scrape that you create to attract bucks to. It can be used to get trail camera images of bucks in the area or it can be carefully placed in a hunting location to help draw that buck into your shooting lane for a shot. Either way, a mock scrape is an effective tool for the hunter.

Our Field Expert Mark Olis demonstrates how to use Code Blue’s Grave Digger with Scrape Mate to create a mock scrape that bucks will use. Check out this quick video and the buck that shows up after making the scrape.