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Tarsal Gland

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  • A musky intruder scent deer use to identify dominance
  • Intense odor arouses territorial curiosity in rutting bucks
  • Use to disperse or create mock scrapes throughout hunting season
  • Made using a real tarsal gland submerged in pure buck urine
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer


Containing a real tarsal gland submerged in pure buck urine, Code Blue's™ Tarsal Gland leaves a potent scent trail that signals to mature bucks that another dominant buck is in the area. Tarsal glands, found on the hind legs of deer, secrete a musk deer use to identify other deer and learn their status. Every deer has a unique rutting odor, typically deposited in scrapes when the buck rub-urinates during the peak rut. Code Blue™ has captured that unique rutting odor in every bottle of Code Blue™ Tarsal Gland.


  • Potent curiosity and infringement scent
  • Bucks can smell from long distances
  • Seasonal Use:  Early, Mid, Late
  • 2 oz. bottle
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