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Doe Urine

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  • 100% pure doe urine collected from a single whitetail doe
  • The perfect all-season doe attractant and cover scent
  • Calms bucks as they approach your stand 
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer 
  • Amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency and is labeled with the deer’s unique registration number


Doe urine puts big bucks and does at ease as they approach your stand. Code Blue™ Doe Urine uses a proprietary From One Deer to One Bottle® collection process to ensure that every bottle contains only urine from one doe.

When you want pure doe urine and nothing else, choose Code Blue's™ Pure Whitetail Doe Urine. Featuring Code Blue's™ From One Deer to One Bottle® process, where urine is collected from one deer and bottled, this product is guaranteed to be 100% pure. Perfect for all-season use, Code Blue's™ Pure Doe Urine works great on drags to lure in does or mask your scent from trophy bucks in the area.


  • Great for early-season bow hunter's scent
  • Collected from an individual deer
  • Seasonal Use:  Early, Mid, Late
  • 1 oz. bottle
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