My Best Buck...So Far!

On the return home from a Wyoming deer hunt, ee stopped at Cabela's in Sydney, Nebraska. I was anticipating the Pennsylvania archery season and needed some doe estrous lure. I picked up a bottle of Code Red and headed home.

Due to my work schedule, I ended up missing the whole archery season. So when rifle season got here, I couldnt wait. As I was getting My backpack in order, I found the Code Red and thought "what the heck?" and threw it in.

I had missed the rut by probably two weeks. As I got close to my stand, I found a scrape that looked fairly fresh, so I dumped a few drops in and laid a scent trail behind me. I went for about three hours that I hadnt even seen so much as a squirrel, when I heard a twig snap. When I looked to my right, There is a big(especially for Pennsylvania state game land) buck. He is directly downwind of the scrape and scent trail with his nose in the air! He hasnt seen or winded me. As I am raising my gun, He starts to turn around and gives Me a decent shot. I drilled him and down he went. I cant say if the Code Red lured him in, but I am convinced that when he smelled it, he was distracted for just enough time to let me get in position. I am now a Code Red believer.

Wheeler Walker Jr.

Ephrata, Pa.