Marti Davis Takes an Illinois Whitetail with Code Blue PST!

On December 2, 2011 the second day of the second firearms in Illinois I made the walk to my stand. I stopped long enough to set out and trigger a can of Code Blue doe estrous scent. This was about 75 yards in front of my stand in the middle of a shooting lane.

As day started to break I caught movement out of the corner of my eye; a buck was making his way along the inside of the tree line with his nose in the air. I pulled my binoculars up and caught enough of a glimpse that I quickly switched over to the scope on my gun. If the buck continued on the path he was on the next chance I was going to have to look at him would be in one of the shooting lanes.

Time seemed to stand still as I was waiting for him to clear the last swamp oak and walk into the shooting lane. Finally, he did. I looked at his antlers one last time and decided this was a deer I was ready to put my tag on. He was only 25 yards away from my stand, so I settled the cross hairs low on his front left shoulder.

After the shot I could hear him kicking up the leaves as he ran away. When the smoke finally cleared he was laying at the bottom of the hill within ten yards of the Code Blue can.

This was the shortest hunt I believe I had ever had. When the buck first caught my attention it was 6:26 a.m. I looked at my watch after I made the shot and it was 6:28 a.m. While I enjoy my time hunting I was very happy that this hunt was over and my buck tag was filled with this big Perry County, Illinois, whitetail.

Marti Davis

Code Blue Pro Staff

 Willard, MO