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Scrape Mate™

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  • Pure buck urine intensified with natural gland secretions 
  • Delivers a strong, musky smell that drives bucks wild 
  • Promotes activity at primary and mock scrapes and helps pattern monster bucks 
  • Use early season as a curiosity scent and late season as a territorial-infringement scent
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer


Promote activity at mock or primary scrapes with buck urine collected from a single whitetail buck and intensified with natural gland secretions.

Code Blue's™ Scrape Mate™ creates unbelievable scrape activity during the early and late season and rubbing anywhere bucks are marking their territory. Containing pure buck urine collected from a single buck then intensified with glandular secretions, this unique hunting product arouses curiosity during the early season and sends a strong territorial-infringement signal during the late season. Pour it on a scrape and watch the bucks keep it fresh. Trophy bucks are notoriously nocturnal, but Scrape Mate™ can help you pattern them all season long.


  • Pour on early-season scrapes to peak the bucks curiosity
  • Pour in late-season to attract bucks intent on protecting their territory
  • Use on single drag and trail to your stand.
  • Highly effective when used in conjunction with rattling and grunt calls
  • Seasonal Use:  Early, Mid, Late
  • 1 oz. bottle
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