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Tarsal Gland Gel

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  • The potency of genuine tarsal gland in a thick gel formula, the strongest and longest-lasting of its kind on the market 
  • Delivers an intense, musky “intruder” scent deer use to identify dominance 
  • Made from tarsal gland musk and real buck urine 
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains tarsal gland and urine from one deer 
  • Effective all season long


Code Blue’s™ strongest and longest-lasting tarsal gland product is effective at attracting whitetail bucks during all 3 phases of the rut. 

Made from real tarsal gland musk mixed with buck urine, Code Blue's™ Pure Tarsal Gland Gel leaves a potent scent trail that signals to mature bucks that another dominant buck is in the area. With a thick gel formula that resists evaporation, freezing and washing away, it stays on through extreme weather and works throughout the season. Every deer has a unique scent profile that other deer can use to identify its status, detectable in the distinctive odor of its tarsal gland oils and urine. Code Blue™ has captured that unique essence in a bottle using From One Deer to One Bottle® collection.


  • Each bottle is equipped with a unique swab applicator that allows hunters to apply without contaminating it with human odor.
  • Unscrew the cap and dab onto branches or other objects in the area to be hunted
  • Apply to limbs, overhanging scrapes, and rubs near your stand.
  • Seasonal Use:  Early, Mid, Late
  • 2 oz. bottle
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