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Stealth Dust™

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  • Easily transportable sock applicator neutralizes odor with a fine dust of minerals
  • Formulated for deer, elk, hog, bear, and moose hunting
  • Ideal for freezing conditions since clothes remain dry during application, easy to re-apply in the field
  • An easily packable scent elimination product that’s perfect for long treks into the woods


Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than getting busted by a deer. Playing the wind is always important, but so is taking the precautions to eliminate odor. Code Blue™ has pioneered scent elimination technology with proven products like D/Code™. Add to that list the reintroduction of Stealth Dust™. The secret to Stealth Dust™ is the minerals its sock applicator releases as a fine powder onto a hunter's clothes. The dust created absorbs odor. Since the ingredients aren't a liquid, clothing stays dry with application and there's no concern about the product freezing. Stealth Dust™ is easily packable and has been specially formulated with the needs of deer, elk, hog, bear, and moose hunters in mind.


  • Apply to entire clothing 80 to 100 yards from stands; especially major scent-producing areas like underarms.
  • Use inside shoes and boots
  • Inside your camo storage
  • Apply to hat, facemask and gloves
  • Apply when entering, leaving and changing tree stands
  • 4 oz. container with easty-to-use sock applicator included
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