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What Are Deer Scents?

Scents lure deer straight to a specific location. By using scents, you can set yourself up in the best position possible to put that trophy buck down for the count!


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How to hunt coyotes during the summer

Tips for Summertime Coyote Hunting

Summertime coyote hunting is much different than winter hunting for several obvious reasons. As always follow the basics, then try these tips from the guys at JAGG Outdoors to help you kill more coyotes this summer.

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How to Kill a Buck on Opening Day

If you haven’t been thinking about opening day for the last nine months, it’s time to start thinking about it now. Here are a couple of tips to help you find success on opening day.

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Early Deer Season Scent Control Tips

Early season can be one of the best times to catch a mature buck in a very predictable pattern. However, due to typically warm temperatures, extra attention to detail with scent control is a must.

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