Why Use Deer Scents?

CB Buck UrineWhitetail deer are social creatures. Not only do they use vocalizations to communicate, but they use scent to an even greater extent. The whitetail nose is an evolution of scent-identification sophistication. A deer’s nose is filled with olfactory receptors, which allow it to not only detect smell better, but also translate those scents into a language they understand. To give you a clue as to how well a deer’s nose is, they have nearly 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose — about as many as a bloodhound. In comparison, humans have about 5 million receptors.

Now that we know deer rely on their sense of smell for not only alerting them to danger, but also to communicate with other deer around them, we can talk about the different scents available and when and why you would use them.

Non-Breeding Deer Urine

Pouring Buck Urine

Buck or doe urines work great any time of year but can be effective in the early season, too. Apply with a drag system or just pour a little out in your shooting lane to make passing deer stop for a shot opportunity. Deer urine can work as an attractant and a cover scent during the early season.

Code Blue offers a number of deer urines with different application methods, too. Code Red is a natural blended-deer urine in a liquid form that is offered in both buck and doe variety. Code Blue urines, unlike Code Red series, is bottled from one buck or one doe and not blended. You can get both doe and buck urines in the Code Blue line.

Foaming Buck UrineCode Blue also offers buck and doe urine in different application methods. The Gel formula is great for long-lasting applications. The gel doesn’t wash away as easy and last longer on a drag. There is a foam application that features buck urine as well. The foam is great for spraying on branches or in scrapes as it has a larger surface area for scent dispersal and will last a long time when applied.


Mock Scrapes and Natural Scrapes

Mock scrapes are excellent hunting applications for scents. These scent communication posts will cause bucks to frequent a particular area, looking for that “stranger” that showed up. Keep in mind bucks tend to approach scrapes from downwind, so if creating one to hunt over, be sure that it is well upwind of your location. Even if not using for hunting purposes, mock scrapes are great tools to capture bucks on camera to help identify any “shooters” living in the area.

Grave Digger Scrape Mate

There are several scent products that work great for mock scrapes and natural scrapes. Scrape Mate is natural buck urine intensified with glandular secretions. This can be used in scrapes from early season through the rut. It helps keep bucks checking a scrape for an intruding buck. Another great scent product for scrapes is Grave Digger Scrape Mate. Grave Digger Scrape Mate is soil impregnated with Code Blue buck urine. This is a long-lasting time-released formula that helps keep scrapes freshened up with deer scent.


Licking Branch Rack Rub

Every scrape has a licking branch and so should your mock scrape. A buck will rub scent glands located on his forehead and around his eye on the licking branch. Code Blue offers several products that can be used on the licking branch. Rack Rub is a gel formula that features forehead and preorbital gland scents. Simply apply the gel onto a branch above the scrape for a long-lasting weather-resistant scent post.

As the rut begins to approach, switch to the Tarsal Gland Gel, which contains real tarsal gland scents from a whitetail buck. You can also hang an actual Tarsal Gland with tarsal gland secretions on the licking branch for a long-lasting scent option. Either of these products can put a mature pre-rut buck into seek-and-destroy mood.gel formula that features forehead and preorbital gland scents. Simply apply the gel onto a branch above the scrape for a long-lasting weather-resistant scent post.


Pre-Rut/Rut Urines and Scents

The pre-rut is the time of year just prior to actual breeding and the rut is when breeding takes place. This is when mature bucks seem to throw caution to the wind and can be seen chasing does in the wide open or walking around with their nose to the ground like a coon dog looking to tree. This is when it’s time to soak a drag in estrous scents and leave scents upwind of your hunting location to draw in a buck. You can also use any of the buck urines and tarsal gland scents mentioned above during this time frame.

Doe Estrous DragCode Blue has a large variety of estrous scents and varying applications for them. You can utilize Foaming Estrous Urine or Doe Estrous Gel for long-lasting scent applications. You can use Code Blue and Code Red estrous urines. You can spray estrous scent downwind with PST Estrous Aerosol Spray. You can use Grave Digger Doe Estrous for mock and natural scrapes.

If you’re looking for the most effective premium estrous product, then you’ll want to find Code Blue Platinum Standing Estrous. This unique product is bottled at the exact moment that a doe stands to be breed by a buck.

Scent Caution

D/Code Field SprayWhile all of the scents mentioned above are highly effective, remember that human odor can ruin any scent setup. Always wear rubber gloves, clean clothes washed in D/Code Laundry Detergent, along with rubber boots sprayed down with D/Code Scent Elimination Spray.

There’s no question that whitetails have a vast communication language that utilizes scent. It’s your job to use those scents to fool a buck into range this hunting season. Follow the play book above and keep at it throughout the season and see if you don’t lure deer into your setup.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about scent applications let us know. We’ll be sure to include articles that focus on your specific questions. Email molis@pradcooutdoorbrands.com with your scent-specific questions.