Summer Scent Control

It is hot and humid now, but in a few short months we'll be up in our tree stands looking for a fresh new set of antlers. The work put in during the summer months can be very rewarding, but don’t overlook getting as scent free as possible when running around in the deer woods this offseason. Whitetails know how to adapt and detect danger. Don’t let the deer pattern you this summer. Instead, take these Summer Scent Control Tips into consideration.

Educate yourself, not your deer. Correct summer scouting practices allow us to take advantage of unpressured hunting situations come deer season. Keep your human presence to a minimum and take full advantage of unpressured, early season hunting. 

Start practicing basic scent control by spraying down with EliminX 360 Field Spray when checking game cameras, looking for deer sign, or making a new mineral site. Now is also a good time to start washing your clothes in scent free detergent so that your washer and dryer will be prepped and scent free for hunting season.

Take advantage of afternoon showers. Scattered rainstorms are common in many deer hunting states throughout the summer months. While rain is a good thing for our food plots it is also beneficial for washing our scent away. If possible, check cameras and fill feeders before the rain comes.

Take care of your boots. Get your boots as scent free as possible by not wearing them into restaurants or gas stations. It’s summertime and flip-flops are acceptable in most establishments. 

Utilize Cover Scents as a fear reducer. You have captured the fox and raccoons on your game cameras. A good way to reduce your chances of alerting deer of your presence is to take Coon or Fox Urine Cover Scents with you to put deer at ease, especially in the weeks leading up to bow season.

Make your game cameras easy to access. This allows for quick and easy card pulls in the hot summer months without spending too much time in your hunting areas. When checking cameras, wipe down the outside of the unit with EliminX Field Wipes.

There is a good chance that the deer using your food plots or mineral sites are bedded close - a lot closer than you think. So, remember to play the wind, and get in and out while remaining quiet. Save the conversation for the cab of the truck.

Start now and make scent control a year round activity to maximize your chances of beating a whitetails nose. With good Summer Scent Control you can avoid changing the pattern of the mature bucks on your property.