Scent Management Tips

Follow these simple scent-control pointers and you’ll be able to stay under a buck’s ultra-sensitive radar and above a target-rich environment this season.

Finding ways to slip past a skittish and paranoid buck’s nose can be extremely tough. A keen sense of smell is undoubtedly his main line of defense and you can bet the farm that he knows how to use it to his advantage. This is exactly why you have to hit the woods with a proven scent-management plan that can help keep you safely out-of-reach of his sensitive nose. The following tips and tactics will allow you to smell invisible and go undetected this season.

Pre-Hunt Prep Work

Tip 1: Scent-Proof Gear & Equipment
Spray down and air out all essential hunting gear that you plan on using this season. A quality scent-eliminating spray such as Code Blue’s EliminX 360 will do the trick. Tree stands, climbing sticks, steps, seat cushions, bow or gun hangers and equipment bags should be cleaned and sprayed with an effective odor eliminator. These items should be left outside to air out, re-sprayed and stored inside of heavy-duty plastic bags or sealed containers.   

Tip 2: Smell Invisible
Before your next hunt, wash all hunting clothing with an unscented laundry detergent and place these items inside of a scent-safe bag. Be sure to shower and wash with an odor eliminating shampoo and body wash. Wear light-clothing and rubber boots in the field to help block alarming odors and reduce perspiration. After reaching your setup, use a scent-eliminating wipe and change into your hunting clothing. Next, generously spray yourself and your hunting gear with an odor eliminator and repeat this process periodically throughout your hunt.

Tip 3: Hunt Above The Detection Zone
Strategically positioning a safe and sturdy tree stand at heights of 20 ft. and above can dramatically decrease your chances of being busted. This tactic will basically help keep your scent above a buck’s detection zone and eliminate problems with swirling or changing wind directions.  In order to be safe when hunting high above, always wear a quality harness or vest like the Summit STS Fastback. This high-performance safety and tactical system is lightweight, offers 360 degree mobility and will keep you secure at extreme heights.