Scent innovation on display

Some might think there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to scent. Those people should have visited Code Blue at ATA. The debut of several new products drew good crowds at the show and proves there’s still plenty of excitement for new and innovative scent solutions. For 2018, Code Blue has created Foaming Estrous Urine and Foaming Buck Urine. There are a couple of convincing advantages to turning liquid urine into a foam. For one, it significantly increases the surface area of the product which enhances the scent's ability to be carried by the wind, making it more potent. Second, the foam also remains where you apply it for a greater amount of time. Where a liquid tends to run off, the foam clings to the surface and maintains its integrity, giving the hunter a longer lasting scent solution. The increased volume of both foams also means the product can be applied more times than the typical liquid scent.

Next on Code Blue’s new products list is Grave Digger Scrape Mate® and Grave Digger Doe Estrous. Both products are a soil impregnated with either Code Blue’s exclusive From One Deer to One Bottle® doe urine or pure buck urine with gland secretions. Simply shaking Grave Digger onto a scrape will provide up to 30 days of effective time-released scent dispersal. Rain will not wash the scent away, it actually makes the scent stronger.

As many are aware, 2017 was a big year for scent elimination with the debut of Code Blue’s D/CODE family of products. Response in the marketplace has been strong for D/CODE, so it was no surprise to see activity at ATA around the D/CODE display. Added to the lineup for 2018 is a Hunter’s Travel Kit and a Pro Hunter Kit. Both provide everything a hunter needs for effective scent elimination in one purchase. The Pro Hunter Kit also includes Code Blue’s Smoke Detector. Code Blue knows there are weather conditions that make spraying on a liquid isn’t the ideal solution. With that in mind, there’s D/CODE Stealth Dust, a new dry formula odor neutralizer. Easy to carry and easy to apply in the field. Stealth Dust is one more innovation from Code Blue that hunters will appreciate this fall.

A visit by Bone Collector’s Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis “T-Bone” Turner is always a big event at the Code Blue booth and this season was no different. The trio brought their own unique brand of wit and real-world wisdom to the event. They're great ambassadors for hunting, and Code Blue was very happy to welcome them back for 2018. 

Catch Bone Collector’s take on the new Code Blue products as seen at ATA for 2018: