Rod's PST! Buck

There was a cold front coming in the morning of November 2, 2010. Taking a gamble, I went to a stand on a creek crossing on the east side of a ridge where the deer bedded. With the wind out of the northwest, I was fine until daylight.

Then the front moved in and the wind switched out of the northeast blowing right toward the bedding area. I was contemplating climbing down and leaving the area because of the unfavorable wind, but instead I pulled out my PST! Doe Estrous Spray and began to spray it into the air about every 10 minutes. At 8:30 am, I heard a rock flip. Turning around in the stand, I saw this too-familar buck that I knew was a mature four year old. With his nose in the air, he came to the creek crossing. 

After what seemed like forever, he crossed the creek coming into my stand location directly downwind. I drew my bow and pictures show the results. 

Thank you Code Blue for the wonderful products!

Rod C. Pettit, Code Blue Pro Staff