Pickneyville Phantom Buck Bagged

I had been hunting my favorite stand in Pickneyville, MS for many years where I always saw signs that a large deer was in the area, but I could never manage to lure him out before dark . . . My husband gave me a bottle of your awesome Code Blue Buck Lure and told me to put it on my boots, I even put it on a rag near my stand in hopes of luring this buck who I could always hear moving around me in the thicket. I was encouraged when two six-points showed up and stayed a good while. Soon I heard a crashing behind my stand and knew it had to be the buck that had avoided me for so long. I waited with my rifle on my lap as he came running out to run off the two six-points without slowing down. I eased my rifle up knowing I only would get one shot. I squeezed the trigger and he dropped in his tracks! Thanks to Code Blue Buck Lure, my buck of a lifetime finally showed up weighing 200 lbs.

Sissy S.

Pickneyville, MS