Hunting the Godzilla Buck

On the morning of the hunt Nov 13, 2005 at around 8 a.m., I heard a deer moving down wind of me and out of view. I knew that the deer was getting wind of the Doe Estrous and the Buck Urine I had out. Being in the primetime of the rut I knew if it was a buck, there was a very good chance that I would have the animal moving in on me in no time. After giving two series of rattling and making "young buck" tending grunts, the giant came straight to the scent I had out. At 25 yards the monster stopped just a matter of inches away from the Doe Estrous I had put out. This gave me the chance I had been waiting for; I made a perfect double lung shot. This "record breaking" buck of a lifetime lay only 25 yards from my stand. Just like in previous years, Code Blue Scents convinced a mature buck that there was a "HOT" doe and a challenging buck near my set-up.

Chris M