Hunting Stories

Code Red Buck Urine and Code Red Doe Estrous

Code Red brings a Big Buck in close!

Hey guys! I laid down Code Red Buck Urine and Code Red Doe Estrous on a drag line this past Thursday, Oct. 28. 45 minutes later, this monster came in on a string, nose to the ground and right to my stand. Nailed him at 8 yards! Awesome!

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Mature Four Year Old

Rod's PST! Buck

There was a cold front coming in the morning of November 2, 2010. Taking a gamble, I went to a stand on a creek crossing on the east side of a ridge where the deer bedded. With the wind out of the northwest, I was fine until daylight

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Stealth Dust

Monster Buck

I killed this 190 6/8 -inch deer on November 20, 2004 after sitting two days in a stand on the edge of a food plot. Deer pass this stand from all directions to enter the field. I had deer upwind and downwind of me for two days. The only way I could hunt a stand for two days and not be pegged by all the deer is because of Stealth Dust.

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Primetime of Rut

Hunting the Godzilla Buck

On the morning of the hunt Nov 13, 2005 at around 8 a.m., I heard a deer moving down wind of me and out of view. I knew that the deer was getting wind of the Doe Estrous and the Buck Urine I had out. Being in the primetime of the rut I knew if it was a buck, there was a very good chance that I would have the animal moving in on me in no time.

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Bow Hunting

The Hughes Buck

The Hughes Buck scored 256 5/8 gross with a 249 3/8. Late Sept. I found a large scrape leading down to several smaller scrapes. Immediately I started bow hunting this large scrape but there was no activity. The next week I started putting Code Blue Doe Estros in the scrape.

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