How To Use Deer Scent: Pre-Rut

First things first. There’s a Code Blue product for every phase of deer season, but there’s one Code Blue product that should be used the all season long. D/Code by Code Blue has been proven by university scientist to destroy seven major types of human odor-causing bacteria. We highly recommend spraying on D/Code before any trip into the woods. Visit for more.

So what is the pre-rut? It’s sometimes considered the period that begins once bucks begin to shed their velvet. For hunter’s, pre-rut means early season, when the doe haven’t yet gone into estrus. During pre-rut, a doe wants to group with other does, and a buck wants to be with other bucks—the bachelor group.

Since does aren’t in heat, it’s too early for an estrous product, and using Code Blue Doe Estrous probably won’t bring a buck to your stand. It will, however, bring in a doe that’s looking to find other does. The same is true with a buck. You can use Buck Urine early in the season as a curiosity scent to attract a buck that’s looking to group-up with other bucks.    

Scrapes tend to be smaller this time of season, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook their potential. They still make an ideal opportunity to attract deer using Code Blue urine-based products.

A buck always wants to know what’s going on around him. Pre-rut is an ideal time to use Code Blue Tarsal Gland or Scrape Mate® as an additional curiosity scent.


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