The lead-up to the rut is the beginning of prime-time hunting. Many hunters mistakenly believe the rut is on when they see a buck chasing a doe. The truth is, if she were in full estrus she wouldn’t be running. The mature bucks know that, so they usually hold back until she’s ready. You could take that young buck you see chasing after a doe, but it’s possible the one you really want is waiting to make his appearance.

Hunt the rut by dragging some Code Blue Doe Estrous or Screamin’ Heat. Then pour a little in a primary scrape (there’s no missing a primary scrape during the peak, they’re often as large as car hoods and have overhanging rub limbs).

You can add a little more motivation to a trophy buck’s agenda by pouring some Buck Urine, Scrape Mate, or Tarsal Gland on the scrape. When used as an infringement scent, this stuff brings out the fight in mature bucks. Don’t apply it to your clothes!

A buck may visit the scrape, or he may not. As long as he stays downwind, he will know if something is going on back at the scrape. If a doe works the scrape, she’ll likely bed down close by. Position yourself to not get busted, yet remain within shot range as the buck moves to the doe.

Just keep in mind that you’re much less likely to be detected if you use an effective scent elimination product. D/CODE by Code Blue has been proven by university scientist to destroy seven major types of human odor-causing bacteria. Spray it on before you venture into the woods, and you’ll have up to 12 hours of scent protection. Visit for more.