Give Big Bucks the Total Package

Scent Basics

Throughout the hunting season one of the most important factors is to be invisible. Insure you are odor free from your body to your clothes.
Make sure you wash all your hunting clothes in an Advanced Formulation Laundry Detergent. You can either use the unscented, or fresh earth while removing all odors and adding an earth scent. After washing store your clothes in a sealable container to keep odors out.Hunters also need to shower in a hair and body wash before each trip to the woods. Code Blue offers both unscented and fresh earth scent body wash and shampoo. Remember, you'll produce sweat during the walk to your stand, so take an odor eliminator spray or dust with you. Code Blue has an Odor Neutralizer spray, EliminX, that kills odor on contact and penetrates the pores of your clothing to absorb all of the environmental odors that you may come in contact with. Cover scents work really well as an added bonus to the scent eliminating system. Earth, Cedar, Pine, or Acorn Cover Scents will help cover any odors found on your boots allowing the bucks to smell only the scent that you trail into your stand. Remember, be scent free and improve your hunting success especially when using in conjunction with deer lures.


In the summer bucks are running in what is called Bachelor groups. They are establishing a pecking order for who gets to breed the does. During this time they are more concerned with other bucks than does. A Whitetail Buck is in rut once he sheds his velvet, which means the rut is in all hunting season long, except in the southern part of South Carolina. The rut is broken up into three parts: Pre-Rut (early season), Peak-Rut (mid-season), and Post-Rut (late season). Early Season (Pre-Rut) Recommended Products: Buck Urine, Buck Urine Gel, Tarsal Gland, Tarsal Gland Gel, Doe Urine
In the early part of the season bucks are still in their bachelor groups, so you would want to use Buck Urine to trail into your stand using a drag rag. This creates a curiosity as to the new buck. Tarsal Gland is effective as well. Doe Urine is a good attractant for bringing in does, and works great as a cover scent toward bucks. While a buck is ready for a doe in estrous he is keenly aware that now is not the time for this to happen. So Doe Estrous Urine would not be recommended at this time.
Mid Season (Peak-Rut) Recommended Products: Doe Estrous Urine, Doe Estrous Urine Gel, Buck Urine, Buck Urine Gel, Tarsal Gland
Bucks have dispersed from their bachelor groups and are much more territorial now. They are primarily making scrapes, rubs, and beginning to trail does. This is a great time to use Doe Estrous Urine by trailing it to your stand and then hanging your drag roughly three feet off the ground. Another good method is to simulate a buck trailing a hot doe. Use a double-drag, placing Doe Estrous Urine on the front drag and Buck Urine on the back drag. This will get the attention of the dominant buck in the area.Late Season (Post-Rut) Recommended Products: Doe Estrous Urine, Doe Estrous Urine Gel. After the peak of the rut, bucks are still looking for that last hot doe that hasn’t been bread. So you want to continue using Doe Estrous Urine and Doe Estrous Urine Gel with the drag-rag. This year put a plan together that involves smart use of scents. Remember, bucks will come in downwind, so insure you are as scent free as possible to avoid alerting that trophy buck.