D/Code Eliminates Competition at 2017 ATA Show

Much of the buzz from the Code Blue booth at the 2017 ATA Trade Show came from Code Blue’s D/Code scent elimination line, which includes everything from field spray and field wipes, to laundry detergent and shampoo/body wash.

Of those faces that entered the booth at ATA, most notable were our partners Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector Crew, and their eagerness to test out the new D/Code line was evident.

Recently university scientists conducted a study of some leading scent elimination brands to determine their effectiveness at destroying odor. D/Code by Code Blue® was proven to destroy seven major types of human odor-causing bacteria. Two popular brands only worked on one or two types of bacteria. Learn more here.

Scent elimination products have to be effective in all weather conditions. That performance depends on the ingredients found inside. Enzyme-based scent elimination has been proven in studies to show significant performance degradation in odor fighting ability as temperatures rise or fall. D/Code is silver-based and maintains its performance across the temperatures that hunters are most likely to encounter. From freezing cold to high heat, the technology in D/Code is proven to continue destroying human odor in even extreme conditions. 

Along with the excitement from D/Code, onlookers were intrigued by Code Blue’s new Smoke Cover Scent, Calming Zone and Expandable Wicks.

Smoke Cover Scent is designed to absorb odors for additional cover scent protection. Calming Zone’s formulation acts as an attractant and relaxer to deer by mimicking the smell of a bedding area, and people were enthusiastic about the easy-to-use stick formula.

Code Blue’s expandable wicks instantly enlarges 4 times its regular size once dipped into scent and comes in a 6-pack zip-lock bag.

And of course, Code Blue’s From One Deer to One Bottle® deer urine continued to be another big talking point at the booth again this year.