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Man with Trophy Whitetail Buck

Pre Taxidermy Tips For A Great Trophy

The following precautionary steps will help you get your trophy from the field to the wall in perfectly mint condition. Step 1: Don't go old school and cut your trophy buck's throat after the shot to let it "bleed out," because this move can potentially ruin your mount. A non-beating heart is not pumping any blood, which means the animal has already bled out.

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Leaves Falling in the Woods

Move Through The Woods Undetected

Utilize these stealthy tactics to blend-in, disappear and pass through your hunting area like a shadowy ghost. In order to consistently punch tags season after season, you have to learn how to utilize your terrain, surroundings and woodsmanship skills to become virtually invisible. The ability to stay under a whitetail's finely tuned and ultra-sensitive radar will ultimately lead to more close encounters and success in the field.

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Man Using Scent Spray in the Woods

Scent Management Tips

Finding ways to slip past a skittish and paranoid buck’s nose can be extremely tough. A keen sense of smell is undoubtedly his main line of defense and you can bet the farm that he knows how to use it to his advantage. This is exactly why you have to hit the woods with a proven scent-management plan that can help keep you safely out-of-reach of his sensitive nose. The following tips and tactics will allow you to smell invisible and go undetected this season.

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Man in Woods With Deer Pack

Deer Pack Essentials

When going head-to-head with whitetails, you better make sure you’ve packed the right gear and equipment. Here is a complete checklist of the items you’ll need this season.

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Man Hanging Deer Scents on Tree

Making Sense Of Deer Scents

Utilize this whitetail scent-application guide to generate more shot opportunities and maximize your overall success in-the-field this season. Mature whitetail bucks rely heavily on their noses in almost every aspect of daily life. A strong sense of smell enables these heavy-racked titans to detect possible danger, find available food sources and interact with other whitetails throughout the entire year.

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