Halloween Buck in South Carolina

8-Point Buck taken Halloween 2010

On Halloween morning I went hunting in Ware Shoals, South Carolina, with a couple of buddies. I killed this big 8-pointer for the first time ever, using Code Blue. My buddy said this stuff works so good you could stand two feet in front of a deer and they wouldn't have a clue if they didn't see you. I didn't believe him until I hit my stand on the side of a swamp. As I got there, I spooked a doe from behind me, because my boot hit the ladder and made a dinging sound. About ten minutes later, I saw the big boy coming out at about 90 yards from my stand. I watched him from down the road bed all the way up until he was 10 to 15 yards in front of me (with no clue I was there). Bang!! Heart shot and end of story! I had on Old Spice deodorant and everything, but the Cold Blue Scent Eliminator covered all the smells.                          
Kody F.

From One Deer To One Bottle