OA1201 Bear Magnet® Power Start Drip Bag w/ Beaver Castor

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Bears crave beaver and will often pass up food and other bait sources for the scent of fresh castor. Code Blue's new Bear Magnet Power Start Drip Bag contains field tested aromas and flavors infused with the scent of real beaver castor. Power start early season bait sites using the smell of fresh beaver to initiate feeding. The intense castor scent lures bears incredibly close and keeps them coming back for more. Plus, the two-pound bag lasts for months!

CB_Bear-sm I took this nice bear on my recent trip to SS Outfitters in Manitoba, Canada. I shot this bear while it was reaching up above the bait to sniff the Power Start Beaver Caster Drip Bag. One night we had a total of 7 different bears on a bait that had the Drip Bag. It was one of the most exciting nights I have ever experienced on a bait. Rex Summerfield had so much footage of bears that night he shut the camera off! We got some great footage of bears that you only dream about. Rex and another friend of mine also shot nice bears all from baits that had the Power Start Drip Bag. This outfitter is so impressed with the results he has had this year he couldn't say enough about all the bear products. I gave him some additional tips on how to use all our bear attractants to get even better results in the future. Once the word gets out these products are going to be a real asset to the guides and hunters that use them.


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