OA1160 EliminX® with SZT Laundry Detergent - Unscented

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Now with Silver-ZymeTM Technology!

Garments absorb many different game spooking odors in camp and during the hunt. Washing with EliminX Laundry Detergent keeps your hunting clothes clean and scent free. The nano-silver formula of Silver-ZymeTM deep cleans tough stains and effectively removes bacterial odors caused by sweat. Additional, proprietary odor removers clean and rid fabric of foreign odors such as smoke, oil, food odors and gas vapors.

Safe for carbon-lined garments and free of U.V. blockers, Code Blue EliminX decreases your chances of being detected in the woods by the game you're stalking. Typical household detergent contains U.V. brighteners to make your whites whiter and your brights brighter. However, if you use these detergents when washing your hunting clothes the high contrast caused by the brighteners increases your chances of being spotted in the woods. By leaving out the brightening additives, EliminX maintains the muted color patterns on your hunting clothes to keep you well hidden. Lower-contrast hunting clothing allows you to blend into your surroundings and decreases your chances of being spotted by the animals you're hunting.

Carbon-lined hunting clothes absorb your body odor and block your human scent, but washing your carbon-lined hunting clothes in ordinary detergents will add scents and shorten the life of your hunting clothes. Code Blue EliminX is safe for washing your carbon-lined hunting clothes to prolong their effectiveness in scent elimination.

When it's time to move your scent eliminating efforts to the next level, use Code Blue EliminX Laundry Detergent to remove more scents from your hunting clothes without the U.V. brighteners that will make you more noticeable in the woods. Code Blue scent eliminator products are sure to keep you disguised no matter what you're tracking.

Compatible with high-efficiency washers. Safe for use on carbon suits. Unscented.

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