OA1136 Code Blue Howlin' Heat Coyote Attractant

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Howlin' Heat coyote attractant from Code Blue turns the predator into prey. 'Yotes don't stand a chance against this super-effective combination of coyote urine and coyote estrous. Together, this scent creates the unmistakable impression of a female coyote in heat. Like the males of most species, coyotes have a lot of trouble resisting the sweet smell of an opportunity to mate.

Hunters have long known Code Blue as their number-one source for quality hunting scents. When it comes to coyote hunting, a realistic, quality scent is crucial. Coyotes' excellent sense of smell makes them a challenge to hunt and a prize to nab. That's why it's especially important to choose your coyote urine from a brand you can trust.

Without a quality coyote scent such as Howlin' Heat, you may never even see a coyote. Known for their ability to thrive without much direct human contact, it takes a powerful, realistic scent to get them within range. Take full advantage of the extended hunting and trapping seasons due to overpopulation with Howlin' Heat coyote urine from Code Blue.

2 fl. oz.

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to tell you what great results I am having with your Howlin' Heat coyote scent! I hunt in a tree stand in the same spot several nights a week at night with a night vision scope and only take coyotes. There are tons out here and they get a bit smart after a while. The new scent has really made a difference in how close I can get them in! Used it 3 hunts and killed 3 coyotes. Thanks for such a wonderful product. I'll never hunt without it again.

Roxanne Keene
Edgewood, Texas

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