OA1095 Boar Hog Urine

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Boar Hog Urine from Code Blue will convince the boars in your hunting area that other boars are encroaching on their land. This causes their territorial instinct to kick in, and before you know it, boars will be compelled to investigate the encroachment further.

Wild hogs are known to have excellent noses. For this reason, it's important to rely on a hog scent you can trust. Our hog urine passes the sniff test because it's real hog urine and contains no fillers or additives. Not only is it authentic, but our hog scent is guaranteed to contain the urine of just one hog. Experienced hunters know it's more realistic for a scrape to have the scent of one animal than small amounts of urine originating from lots of different hogs.

Distributing a realistic hog scent is the key to convincing a boar that another male is trespassing on his property. Once you've convinced a boar of a trespasser, he will begin to take steps to establish his breeding and territorial rights, near your stand and within your sights. Boar Hog Urine helps you not only find your next trophy hog but take him home.

Take your next trophy wild hog with wild hog scent from Code Blue. Or, check out some of our other hog scents.

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