OA1091 Bear Magnet

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Big game hunting can be the ultimate challenge, but also bring the ultimate reward. There's nothing like the thrill of stalking a black bear, especially when you have a secret weapon. Code Blue Bear MagnetTM helps you attract bears and greatly improves your chances of taking down a bear on your hunt. This oil-based bear lure will attract bears from extreme distances with long lasting effectiveness. Bear MagnetTM works because it's made of tested aromas that bears can't resist.

Why risk letting a trophy bear get away? Or not even spotting one at all? Pour this premium bear scent anywhere to create an instant bait site that draws bears in close so you can take a clear shot. Anyone who has been bear hunting knows that the biggest challenge is overcoming the bear's highly evolved sense of smell. Your best chance of success is using an effective cover scent and bear scents to disguise your presence and appeal to the animal's keen sense of smell.

Bear hunting is better with Code Blue Bear MagnetTM bear lure. It helps you get the bear where you want it so you can take a no-fail shot.

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