OA1036 Whitetail Doe Urine Scent Drag System

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Doe urine is a deer season necessity, and the Whitetail Doe Urine Scent Drag System is the best way to deliver this effective scent. You can use it throughout the hunting season to get whitetail bucks right where you want them. The great thing about deer urine from a doe is that it's a non-threatening deer scent that will calm whitetail bucks while still intriguing them. Plus, since every bottle of Code Blue deer urine is from a single whitetail deer, you know you're getting a true-to-life deer scent.

The best complement to a potent deer scent is a hard-working deer scent dispenser. The Whitetail Doe Urine Scent Drag System comes with a rugged, highly absorbent deer scent drag that makes creating a scent trail easy. Just trail the deer scent drag with you as you walk to your stand, and nearby whitetail bucks will be eager to investigate the "doe" in the area. Once you get to your deer hunting stand, hang the deer scent drag in a nearby tree to get the scent of deer urine into the air. This one-of-a-kind deer scent dispenser system gives you the ultimate deer hunting advantage.

All of Code Blue's deer scents are collected using a patented process that ensures that you're getting the deer urine from only one animal. There's even a unique deer registration number right on the bottle!

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