EliminX with SZT - Unscented

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EliminX with SZT Odor Eliminator - Unscented

Code Blue's EliminX - Unscented with Silver-Zyme combines nano-silver and enzyme technology, two effective scent-killing technologies.

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Code Blue's EliminX  Unscented with Silver-ZymeTM combines nano-silver and enzyme technology two of the most effective scent-killing technologies. The result is a solution that kills bacteria at unprecedented levels while simultaneously eliminating foreign odors.

  • Silver-Zyme technology utilizes a silver molecule which by design is missing eight electrons in its outer shell.
  • Each silver molecule rapidly kills multiple odor causing bacteria viruses and mold while simultaneously recharging itself for rapid-fire seek-and-destroy missions against all foreign odors even during extreme temperature changes.
  • Sweat-proof
  • Eliminates Human odor on contact
  • Lasts all day
  • Safe for any gear.
  • Unscented
  • 12 fl. oz.